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Home (Est. March 2011) was there in the earliest days of the fatbike phenomenon. From niche to mainstream, we’ve been there to support, educate, and celebrate the fatbike community.

We have always stood behind the proposition that fatbikes are a a tool, not a fad.  They open the door to an extended cycling season.  Fatbikes create access to a world of adventure, on trails, beaches, snow and beyond.

When the seasons turn, northern climate cyclists used to hang up their road bikes, put away their cyclocross bikes, and head for the rollers or spinning classes. Now, they reach for their fatbikes. Fatbikes enable enthusiastic riders to access trails, races, and adventures that make cycling a year-round sport in any area of the country.

While the fatbike industry has evolved from niche to mainstream, has served as a community resource.  Our community reflects our continued growth, and the growth of this industry.  We are approximately 2000 strong on Twitter (@RideFatbikes) and we’ve united approximately 2700 Facebook members  (

Join us, by participating in our social media page, contact us with news you’d like to share, or lend us some support, to keep this site going.

Thanks for stopping by.

Now get out there and #RideFatbikes!

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