Ride Fatbikes has a new format – crowd-sourced real-time content!

At RideFatbikes.com, we’ve had several years of consistently posting fresh content, blog-style.  We’ve worked to stay tuned into emerging fatbike trends, developments and advancement, then sharing what we learn with our dedicated and loyal readership.  Meanwhile, the fatbike industry has advanced from niche to mainstream, and fatbike riding and racing has moved from a quiet conversation in small circles to a dominant conversation that permeates cycling communities and brands.

So, to have even more relevant, current, and ongoing fatbike-specific information, and allowing everyone to have a voice, we’ve unveiled our new format, below.  We’ll continue to maintain all pages of our site, including our fatbike slideshow, pages where events/shops/sponsors/gear/brands can be promoted, and much more.  But we’re adding a new feature – real-time news and updates that everyone can contribute to (in effect, a crowd-source bulletin board).  Instead of hearing the perspective of only a select few authors and guests, YOU can contribute (and see what others have contributed) all in a central platform where the discussion is curated and relevant.

Join the conversation

You can add your tweet, photo or video to the bulletin board below simply by tagging your post with #RideFatbikes in Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.  Do you like our new format? Let us know by tagging your comments with #RideFatbikes.  Ride on!

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